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Special Occasion Dresses Hats - Denise Stracey Special Occasion Dresses Hats


The Design Workshop produces a collection of items as a limited edition and these can be made according to the client’s measurements and posted out, after a consultation.

Clients who have particular and specific needs i.e. they may be very tall/small or disproportionate i.e. a 14 upper body and a 20 lower body or they may have health problems i.e. osteoporosis or a mastectomy etc, would be advised to come on a mini break to the Design Workshop. See mini break and areas of special interest.

Dye matching

We are able to offer a comprehensive service, which will reflect the theme you have chosen. In this respect, we can blend dyes to a specific palette and produce fabulous fabrics suitable for your occasion.

Body shape

We are able to sensitively assess your body type, therefore design, and cut specifically to enhance your attributes whilst minimising features that you feel less happy with.

The resulting outcome becomes a joy to wear and should feature as a favourite in your wardrobe. These stunning designs encapsulate the concept of “laid back elegance” they can be dressed up, with a few strategic accessories, or played down for informal occasions.

As a result they are multi functional and should be viewed as an 'investment wardrobe' that makes you feel at your best even when maybe you are not!

Plus sizes

We can accommodate plus sizes i.e. over a standard size 18. These sizes are subject to a surcharge illustrated below. The increased price is a reflection of the addition amount of hand painted fabric required and the drafting of a pattern to accommodate greater proportions/disproportions that frequently occurs in the fuller figure.

18 – 22 20% surcharge
24 – 28 30% surcharge

Some designs are available in different fabrics i.e. the gothic coat is made in single silk georgette; double silk georgette and wool crepe.

'From' - indicates the lowest price. In the case of the gothic coat, this will be wool crepe followed by single georgette followed by the double georgette

Why not come down to this beautiful part of the world for a mini break. There are lots of travel offers available by train or air and Cornwall offers diverse accommodation.

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