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Special Occasion Dresses Hats - Denise Stracey Special Occasion Dresses Hats

Fabric dying process
These exclusive fabrics are produced 'in house' using vegetable dyes and a process of opposite resist.

After steaming for four hours, the dyes are set and these sumptuous textiles are ready for cutting in the distinctive sculptural styling that is definitive of the Design Workshop.

The steaming process, which sets the colour, also seems to render the wide variety of silks and velvets and used virtually crease resistant.

Colour combinations are constantly evolving and inspired by the landscape of Cornwall, which Denise observes throughout the seasons. There is also a special service whereby clients can request particular shades to compliment the event they are attending i.e. themed weddings.

Colour has a very powerful influence on our lives and the large range of colourways created in the Design Workshop tune into a broad set of emotions. As a general indication, I have tried to define these.





Soft Copper




Rouge Vif

PLAINS simple, one colour fabrics yet still retaining the surface texture of the multi-colour ways - With a WOW factor! What more can I say.

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